Bylaw amendment to allow member-owners of OPALCO
to observe board meetings over the Internet:

Vote "YES" to approve this bylaw amendment.  

 Key benefits to our cooperative would be better informed owners and greater transparency
with viewing at our owners' convenience.

Here is a full list of benefits to providing web-based streamed video of our cooperative board meetings  <== Click Here

The costs do not have to be significant. (Literally pennies per OPALCO member-owner)

Read the rebuttal to the statement against this amendment and cost comparisons  <== Click Here

The following is the member-initiated bylaw amendment reviewed and okayed by our OPALCO attorneys to be voted on at the 2014 annual meeting of OPALCO Energy Members or through mail-in or online ballot submission:

"The cooperative shall allow member-owners access to open board meetings (non-executive sessions) through Internet web-based streamed audiovisual (AV) and optionally videoconferencing. All AV will be presented unedited (except to exclude breaks and executive sessions) and made available on demand through a web server to energy members within 7 days of the meeting. Such AV will remain available for at least 24 months from the date of first posting. The board may restrict access to the AV to include only member-owners and set terms of use restrictions."